Eumobel Furniture Manufacture


The Europe Furniture Manufacture is a company that has grown out of a joinery with almost 30 years  of experience, which went through a significant development in 2015.

In terms of our activity, it specializes in the production of hotel and office furniture. We follow two  main directions in the production, the modern furniture board trends and the production of classic  solid wood furniture. A significant part of our company’s products, 70-80%, are made for export. We  have returning customers from several European countries, such as the Netherlands, Germany and  Austria.

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Eumobel Furniture

We are constantly working to improve efficiency, thus ensuring the deadlines set by customers and  high-quality, trouble-free production. Our company has modern, CE-compliant machines, which,  thanks to computer-aided CAD design, can quickly and accurately implement the production of multi complex furniture.

Our current capacity is to produce 50 hotel room furniture in one week. We produce hundreds of  meters of benches, upholstered chairs, and smoking and premium meeting tables in the public areas  of hotels every year.

We also deal with the construction and installation of furniture for private houses and custom-made  kitchen furniture.

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