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Europe Furniture Manufacture

The Europe Furniture Manufacture is a company that has grown out of a joinery with almost 30 years of experience, which went through a significant development in 2015.



years of experience

Entrepreneurship of the Year


Our services


CAD-based production plans based on interior design plans


Machining with high-tech machines. Continuous development and innovation to adapt to market needs.


Fast and efficient execution with professionals with many years of experience.

On-site installation

A team of experienced professionals with international references.

Measuring with 3D scanning

Technology unique in Hungary. A point-to-cloud is created about the premises, from which a beam model is created. This supports fast accurate measurements.

Personalized visual design

Creating personalized interior design plans on request, with acknowledged interior designers

Furniture production

Hotel room

Production of more than 3,000 hotel rooms across Europe
Create interior design plans on demand, with multiple designers for each style
Competitive prices while ensuring European standard quality

Furniture production

Office furniture

Manufacture of many types of custom built-in furniture
Corian antibacterial coated table tops, furniture
Consumption of materials from high quality furniture boards to solid wood

Furniture production

Custom furniture

Collaboration and implementation with recognized interior designers
Creating photorealistic visual designs
Use of materials tailored to individual needs